Santa Claus is coming to town教案

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  module 4 garden city and its neighbour

  unit 2 santa claus is coming to town


  i. language focus:

  ? using relative clauses to describe people

  ? using pronouns to refer to people

  ? using modals to talk about ability ii. language skills:


  ? identify details that support a main idea. speaking

  use gestures, and facial expressions to convey meaning and intention using appropriate intonation and stress, and vary volume, tone of voice, and speed to convey intended meanings and feelings. reading

  use visual clues ,context and knowledge of the world to work out the meaning of an unknown word and a complete meaning.

  recognize recurrent patterns in language structure

  skim a text to obtain a general impression and the main ideas iii. materials:

  sb p38

  pp p32

  wb p21

  a picture of santa claus procedure

  i. warming-up

  a song: jingle bells

  ii. pre-task preparation

  1. ask with a picture: have you seen this man before? when did you see him? do you know who he is?

  2. listen and follow: look, read and write

  3. study the infor and ask ss: what kind of ss i santa claus looking for? ---santa claus is looking for ss who love children hardworking… iii. while-task procedure 1. pair work: role-play betty and santa claus